March 1, 2024

DIY Air Freshener Spray

Frugal Living

Homemade Air Fresheners are Healthier

Ever notice how some air fresheners feel a bit off? They might be packing chemicals that aren’t exactly friendly to your health. Think respiratory issues and pesky allergies, especially if your space isn’t well-ventilated.

Many people are turning away from store-bought sprays for homemade air fresheners made with natural, non-toxic ingredients. Not only can you pick scents that speak to you, but you’ll also do your bit for the planet by making an eco-friendlier choice.

Ready for a DIY adventure? This recipe is a breeze to prepare, and you can tweak it to your heart’s content!


4 oz glass spray bottle


  • 1 Tsp baking soda
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 5 drops geranium
  • 5 drops patchouli
  • Filtered water


  • Combine baking soda & essential oils in a small bowl
  • Add water to the mixture
  • Use a funnel to transfer to the bottle and top it with water
  • Secure the top and shake well

Scent variations

Orange mint

  • 5 drops each of peppermint & wild orange

Zesty citrus

  • 6 drops bergamot
  • 3 drops Ginger
  • 6 drops lime

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