October 3, 2023

4 Secrets to Living a More Meaningful Life

Frugal Living

Frugal living tips for busy moms

Are you tired and overwhelmed working paycheck to paycheck, wanting to get out of debt and enjoy your family?

I was, too, and I realized if I was going to put God in my family first, I had to stop spending all my time at work. So, I created a simplified life plan that allowed me to get out of debt, scale back my career, and still be able to live fruitfully.

With more purpose and time than ever before, I’ve never looked back. I will teach you how to simplify your home and finances, develop simple routines, and connect to your faith. I’m so grateful you’re here if you’re ready to create a simplified life that you dreamed of you are in the right place.

I remember when someone made a comment, years ago, about me being frugal and was trying to degrade me by saying that, but it just made me proud to know that people see that I do not value material things.

I choose to value experiences and relationships more than having to look good for other people. You can’t take your designer clothes, shoes, vehicles, or purses to heaven with you. Instead, start living an amazing life of making a difference and enjoying each day.

I want to give you four secrets to living a more meaningful life without sacrificing anything or spending a lot of money.

1. Plan Family Vacations Around Business Trips

We go on several vacations a year with our family because they cost us very little. Although gas is a little more than it used to be, we had to increase the gas budget. But if I have a business trip, we make that into a family trip as well. We just got back from a road trip to the Bad Lions, the Black Hills, and Mount Rushmore, and then we headed to Colorado, where we went to Estes Park, the Rocky Mountains for a few days, Idaho Springs, Mount Evans, Boulder, and it was the perfect 70 degrees, and the fall colors were so beautiful and vibrant. It was just breathtaking.

I then had a business retreat for a few days, which happened to be at an 11,000-foot elevation. The first day was fine but the second day, I got elevation sickness, so I ended up leaving a little earlier than planned. I have never experienced that before, but I’ve also never stayed overnight somewhere that high before so that was a new experience. The women there were just amazing. It was fun. The memories are forever, and we love building relationships and spending time on adventures with each other.

I take a lot of pictures, and we love reminiscing about our experiences. Some of the things we do to keep the cost low are a lot of sightseeing and hiking. There are so many things to experience without spending a lot of money.

We rarely eat out. Instead, we’ll go to the grocery store and cook our own food while we’re away. It’s so much cheaper than eating out the whole trip. We do like to experience a few unique restaurants, but the rest of the time we cook our food or pack our lunches while hiking.

2. Opt for Pre-Owned Items

I don’t buy new furniture, but I have high-quality furniture that will last me a lifetime. I like solid wood durable furniture, but just like a vehicle, it’s expensive when buying new. I didn’t furnish our house all at once, but I would search and search on Craigslist until I found exactly what I wanted, and that kept us debt-free.

3. The Power of Discounts and Deals

We shop clearance sales and thrift shops to find quality items that look new, so we don’t have to buy new. And we’ve been able to spend very little on clothes throughout the years, even with five kids. Look for classic items that can be worn for years instead of trendy styles that just last for a short time.

4. Embrace Home-Cooked Meals for Health and Savings

We rarely eat out at all. Not only on trips but at home. It is healthier to grow and cook your own food, but it tastes better, and it’s so much cheaper. You could save thousands of dollars a year by cooking at home.

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Do you know how many meals you could cook at home for the amount you spend on one meal at a restaurant? Especially these days. Your family could probably eat for a few weeks on the amount of one meal. Instead of eating out with friends, have them over to your house for a meal.

There is no reason that you have to do with less because you are frugal. But you can also give to people in need when you are spending less on things you don’t need and don’t matter. We’re only here on earth for so long. I hope you can make one small change to live a frugal but quality life.

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Frugal living tips and how to spend less